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1️. You are trying to rush getting started.

2️. You aren’t able to follow simple tasks without becoming distracted or flustered.

3️. When you haven’t learnt what training for strength feels like or push yourself to get out your TRUE max reps.

4️. You haven’t learnt how to recover or manage an injury: physically & mentally.

5️. You skip training when you feel stressed & are inconsistent with it.

6️. When you blame other people for food related choices.

7️. When you blame situations/circumstances/others for the way you reacted..

8️. You only keep food diaries when you’re being good.

9️. You use the phrase “back on the wagon” and “time to focus on me” more than a few times a year after works hectic, life gets stressful etc

10. You care or give too much time to what everyone else is doing/eating and become anxious & feel FOMO about it.


Notice these points have rarely anything to do with how much chicken you should be having at lunch or what protein powder is the best?

Transformations & nutrition aren’t all about food.

✔️The ability to take your self awareness up a notch counts more.

✔️To be able to adapt to life changes, circumstances and situations.

✔️To be open to growth.

✔️To accept that there is a process; and a very individual one at that.


Don’t focus on the scales moving & tiny little details if you struggle with some of the above points. Focus on getting the ground work set first in preparation for when you are ready to take it up a notch.

Be consistent with 2x sessions a week. Get comfortable tracking food on your crap days. Get comfortable with exercising and seeing no weight change on the scales. Be ok with starting off slow to earn your stripes down the track.

People skip these parts and end up learning the hard way through another failed attempt, an extreme case of low motivation and putting it off completely which then impacts other areas of their life.

Take this information on & start thinking about where you really want to achieve in the next year or 2... even 5 years.

Will you still be stuck & flustered or will you be making some serious changes you’ve never been game enough to make before?!

2020 could be the game changer for you. Applications Open.


Online Coaching Enquiries: ✉️ 💻 📸 IG @danniicrosspt 🇦🇺 Hallam, VIC Studio

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