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I remember your first session from the home studio.

I remember the hesitation when we took your first set of photos.

When one of the first meals you ‘cooked’ was cous cous with cheese and chopped up cherry tomatoes.

I remember our training sessions with Mum at 11.30am in the morning because any earlier than that was pushing it.

I remember how many years it took you to record a food diary and how long it took you to be consistent with your training.

I remember what excuses/reasons were your reality.

And I remember what questions I used to ask to test the waters, see where your trust was sitting with me.

I remember when you never left the house without make up on.How much time you spent in your room alone.

I’ll never forget finding you in your room crying in bed because nothing fit anymore.

And when you felt defeated when everyone had an opinion on what you should be doing, how you have always been the ‘biggest one in the family’ and how it limited your potential.

When you hit milestones shopping for clothes. When we got rid of the lolly drawer in your room. When I told that guy to politely f** off cause he wouldn’t stop making comments about what you should be doing.

When you told me about every single habit you had and when you chose to work on them with me.

How many times I challenged you with the hard questions and how uncomfortable it was for both of us.


You sing in front of a church every Sunday. You wear crop tops to training at 5am. You go to events without make up on. Your training is now a staple each week.

And you are now obsessed with any clothes that aren’t black. You’ve done your time of inconsistency, going up and down in weight, feeling useless, questioning your ability and starting over every Monday wiping away your tears.,It’s beautiful to see how comfortable, happy and focussed you are & what a strong woman you have become through hard work, persistence & making mistakes.

Proud of you!!

———— Thank you to all the lovely comments and messages about my younger sister yesterday! I hope this inspires you to start just as you are, with all the crap & bad habits that you have. D ♡ ————

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