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✖️ Weight training does not make you bulky. ✖️ Sit ups and crunches don’t give you abs. ✖️ The only way to create ‘tone’ is to lift weights. ✖️ Cellulite is normal & beautiful but can be improved by slowly changing body composition; less body, more muscle. ✖️ It’s not always about calorie deficit. ✖️ Changing up your workouts to suit your motivation levels won’t get you far. ✖️ Nicole has completely changed her relationship with food through doing the hard yards & sticking with her intentions. ✖️ She trains like an athlete, is thinking like one, so her food must also match those traits - which is why she is looking more and more the part 🥔🍞 I’m glad my sister will never have to grow up dieting. She won’t have to cry a lot & pick herself up after a binge session. She won’t have to hide in her car eating or skip meals. She wont have to drag herself to gym morning and night. [My work here is done!] Lol - not really!! She wants to take it up a notch so that’s what we will do!! 🥰💪🏼🔥 PROUD OF YOU SIS xx D ♡

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