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4 years ago, I had all these dreams and goals.

I’d start them but was never able to say I achieved them.

Although I knew exactly what I needed to do to achieve the big goal I just ticked off my list, I lacked the accountability, drive & support in the times I really needed it & when it counted the most.

✔️I knew how to train. ✔️I knew how to structure my nutrition. ✔️I knew how to periodise both to work together throughout each phase I did.

Because I have studied it, mastered the art it of taking clients through the process and created a business around just that. Transformations.

But I never got to tick it off my list.

In the next 12 months, no doubt, I can achieve all the goals I have just written down, on my own. I know exactly what I need to do and how to do it, how long it should take. Second time around as well, I feel more even more confident in my ability and skillset.

12months ago I said this to my coach:

“I want to achieve X, Y and Z. I have just taken on a mortgage on my own, I run a business and in a week’s time, I start counselling. I am starting with absolutely zero motivation or drive but I need this and I need someone to have my back while I have everyone else’s – until I have all these things ticked off, I am on board”.

My coach hardly heard from me. Just one email per week. I never complained, I rarely asked questions & I always said not to worry about him calling to check up on me because I didn’t need it.

So as I am sitting here now, writing down my goals to send off again, I am thankful for the opportunity in investing in myself because I am a completely different person for it and I know that without having someone behind me, I would have never achieved what I have up until this point without someone holding me accountable & giving a crap about me.

I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders in the last 12 months & achieved more than I ever have – which speaks volumes.

There is power in goal setting, support & accountability.

And there are lessons to be learned in sticking with your intentions through the darkest of times & putting yourself at the top of the list.

To whatever extent that may be for you.

Why didn’t you achieve your goals this year and how will 2020 be different?

Dannii x

—————— Online & In House Coaching Available: ✉️ 💻 📸 IG @danniicrosspt 🇦🇺 Hallam, VIC Studio ——————

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