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It’s that if you work hard & give everyday a go, even when that might feel like 20%, you’ll move forward & succeed in some way or another.

And that’s in anything you choose to put your focus, love and attention on.

➕ Show up everyday with whatever you have to give. ➕ Find gratitude in the smallest of things because on your bad days, these are the things that will get you out of bed. ➕ Speak to yourself the way you would your bestest friend. ➕ Never assume anything. ➕ Learn to be vulnerable and love yourself for it. ➕ Embrace every mistake, lesson and decision you’ve made up until now. ➕ Document your life, experience new things and never take anything for granted. ➕ If you love, appreciate or dig the shit out of someone, tell them! ➕ Cry when you need to cry! ➕ Yes, you can go another day with dry shampoo. ➕ Don’t leave the house without making your bed! ➕ Enjoy company when you need it but learn to love your own just as much and be content with alone time.

And remember, there is absolutely nothing a walk with music or a friend cannot fix and a good nights sleep!!

—————— Thank you for following me this year and thank you to my community for filling my life with meaning, vibrancy & purpose.

I cannot wait for 2020 with you all and seeing what we achieve together! 😍

Dannii x ——————

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