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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I needed a coach in 2019 because I knew I needed support.

I was struggling with things in my personal life.

I started off the year unmotivated and at the heaviest weight I’d ever been.

I was leading into one of the busiest years with work, taking on part-time study and living on my own with big financial pressures to make everything work.


If this year has taught me anything, it’s that staying accountable & sticking it out with my goals/intentions throughout the year, even when I didn’t feel like it, can be done.

Regardless of how unmotivated I was.

It taught me so much about my habits, how I react to stress and how my thoughts played a massive role in my life that I even enrolled to complete my Diploma in Life Coaching in 2020 & further my skill set, giving that little bit more to my members.


2020 wont be your year if you didn’t do anything with this year unfortunately.

People wait for the perfect time instead of creating opportunity for the time they have now.

No doubt at all, stuff will pop up next year that I’ll need someone to remain focussed with. I want someone there when it’s half way through winter or when I’m overwhelmed and need someone to set focus points for the week so I don’t have to! I want someone telling me how many sets and reps I need to get out cause if I don’t, i know I’ll do the bare minimum.

I want to create opportunity and give myself the best chance at success, not get to the middle of next year and regret time wasted like I have done in previous years.

2020 I don’t need a coach, but I sure as hell want one because investing in me this year was the absolute best thing I ever did!

Dannii x

⤵️⤵️⤵️ Online & In-House Coaching Enquiries: ✉️ 💻 📸 IG @danniicrosspt 🇦🇺 Hallam, VIC Studio

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