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Which would cause the scales to go up the next morning..?

A] 1kg Chocolate B] 1kg Broccoli

Answer: 1kg of Broccoli

Why? * More Fibre * Most Likely More Sodium * Which Results in Increased Fluid Retention * Longer Digestion Time

Same concept works when you cut carbs. There’s absolutely going to be a drop in the scales:

1. When You Drop Calories 2. When You Drop a Food Source Which Holds Water and Digests Slower.

Same works when you start exercising. When you sweat. When you move more.

So when a friend brags about training every day, is losing weight from cutting food groups etc - remember this post.

A year from now they’ll most likely be the same & experience little change because it’s these types of repetitive habits & cycles they constantly go through which prevent them from ever truly transforming.

Maybe this is you? There’s no shame in making mistakes.

But from experience in my own education, mistakes and coaching people on a daily basis... if you do not change this type of diet mentality - your body only gets worse every year and it gets harder and harder to lose weight.

Always look at ‘studies’ and information on the internet and ask the hard questions instead of believing everything you read. Common sense isn’t so common anymore, hence why I’ll keep trying to bring it back.

Happy Saturday! ☀️💋

Dannii x

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