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It’s boring and it’s not why I became a Transformation Specialist.

Absolutely anyone can write up a session, yell + scream, get someone’s heart rate up and have someone feeling sore the next day.

I like to watch someone go through the whole process of setting a goal then progressing their way through the journey they need to take.

✖️Most women want to lose body fat, but need to continue their running.

✖️Most women want to lose their stomachs, but continue staying back for the 30min Abs & Core Session after their back to back group fitness class.

✖️Most ‘fit’ women will find a 30min HIIT session a breeze but don’t realise it takes time for their bodies to adjust from such long hours of cardio to doing short bouts of more intense work..

✖️Not to mention, their goals are normally focussed on body composition but they don’t want to give up cardio 🤷🏻‍♀️

✔️ I like to train women who are unfit.

✔️ Who are beginners or have lots of exercise experience but want to start from scratch.

✔️ Who are not afraid to change an exercise up to suit their current fitness or ability level.

✔️ Who have a lot of weight to lose.

✔️ Or who have a high body fat percentage and need help understanding how to achieve the toned look they aren’t getting from their current diet + exercise habits.

✔️ Who LOVE to eat & HATE to diet.

✔️ Who don’t want to follow a meal plan but learn how to make one themselves.

✔️ Who drink soft drink over Kombucha.

✔️ Who like to eat pasta and not cauliflower rice.

✔️ Who hate running.

✔️ Who like wearing high waisted pants to suck everything in.

✔️ Who complain while they are training but give big smiles and hugs after and cover me in sweat haha.

✔️I like to train women who eat a snack while making dinner.

✔️ Who like to eat peanut butter and butter on the same bit of bread.

✔️ Who need accountability and someone to mentor them.

✔️ Someone who stuffs up heaps but never gives up, always shows gratitude & not the blame game.

I couldn’t care less if you can complete two hours of exercise or lose 5kg in an 8 week challenge.... but I will be so impressed watching you improve and change your body composition over time & take control of your life.

I’ll be impressed if I see you reach your goals no matter how hard it gets, what life throws your way or how long it takes... as long as you get there because that’s why I’m here - to support and be there with you throughout it all.

👑💕🔥 2020 Applications Opening Soon 🔥💕👑

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