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People want to be toned; but won’t put time into building that ‘tone’.

They want a meal plan to keep them focussed but also have the luxury of being flexible when it suits them.

They want to be able to train every single day when they’re motivated but not train for 12months when they’re busy.

They crave ‘rules’ & structure but then are unable to adapt when life happens, getting frustrated at themselves and everything/everyone around them.

They want to be able to lift as much as someone else or jump straight into it after months and months off but don’t understand that conditioning matters and your back will probably go on you.


You’ll always struggle to lose weight and find the pace, process and a plan that encourages growth if you pretend your struggles aren’t there.

You can’t nurture, work on something or experience success if you’re ignoring the very reasons as to why you’re struggling in the first place.

Until you understand this. Until it’s acknowledged. Until you can be vulnerable about it & take a step back from those scales...

Both your efforts, hard work and energy will ultimately fail you in anything you try.

——— Bit heavy for a Monday but dieting & the whole health and fitness thing can impact your life, cause you distress and not encourage healthy relationships with those around you and with yourself.

Be mindful of these things when choosing what your next steps are + who you decide to work with. ———

2020 Enrolments Open.

Dannii x

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