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“Because that’s usually when I fall off and it takes me up until March to get myself into it again”

———————— Transformations are created through making the same mistakes you keep making until you are ready to tackle the next ‘thing’.

Up until now, the changes you can see in this photo are created through the following:

1️⃣ Setting some goals & being able to speak about them. Being able to have conversations about the deep stuff.

2️⃣ Practicing keeping & recording data, then actually sending it. A skill which has taken her a few years. Yes, you heard me correctly. This is NORMAL!

3️⃣ Identifying some habits then working on them. The biggest one I needed her to address: anxiety & sticking to scheduled training times, which is forcing her to address her sleeping patterns and time spent on her phone.

You’d be surprised at how many people struggle with committing to times. And also sleep.

4️⃣ More movement: this has come from 2x sessions a week and encouraging her to get up and about. Whether that be socialising with friends, going for walks, wandering the shops.


In the last few months we’ve looked into food sources and satiety levels. Things that I would encourage adding in or substituting because becoming more accountable means the questions she has now aren’t “what should I eat?”

They are now questions based off her own experiences as they are happening.

“I’m beginning to become more hungry at breakfast now”

“What could I have instead of XYZ as I tried it and I’m not a huge fan”


These are things you cannot possibly learn or experience through a meal plan. We have worked with Ashleighs preferences, habits, lifestyle and her own struggles.

How it should be done!

And now we are seeing her level of commitment and accountability increase as she’s thinking about what to work on and what she wants to be vulnerable with next!

Give it time and Ashleigh will NEVER EVER have to join another diet, program or spend money on a challenge. She’ll have the confidence, knowledge, habits and respect for herself to know what to do if she ever needs to refresh + reset herself.

She’ll only invest more in herself if she desires to learn more and take her physique to whole new levels, NOT because she needs to or is desperate.

And she can then pass this onto her children too.

***ahhhh my heart right now writing this!!!!***

———— GREAT PROGRESS MY DARLING GIRL! I love the absolute crap out of you! 💕🥰🌸

Ps. How you have a rounder booty than me right now..... I’m jealous LOL! PPS. LOOK AT THE CHANGE 😭🙌🏼 PPPS. Absolute GOALS!!!! ————

Dannii x

⤵️⤵️⤵️ Online & In-House Coaching Enquiries: ✉️ 💻 📸 IG @danniicrosspt 🇦🇺 Hallam, VIC Studio

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