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For years I’d always attempt to lose weight and there was always something I did to help start the process.

•Sometimes it was getting a new food diary. •Buying a new pair of tights or runners. •Choosing a new product from the health food shop. •Paying for a new PDF Meal and Exercise Plan. •Using Monday as a chance to start over. •Doing a double session

I always used something to get me started. I always relied on an outside source of some kind and when I was on track – I was ON. You couldn’t stop me when motivation was running high, endorphins making me feel invincible.

Each time though, after many, many attempts – I would sabotage myself somehow.

Whether that be by completely ruining my diet, not being able to sustain what I was doing or just rely on motivation levels.

How your body looks, feels and functions right now is the sum of your actions, thoughts, behaviours and habits over a long period of time.

But we tend to base it off the amount of times we’ve tried.

-The amount of workouts we smashed out. -How “clean” our diet is. -How many walks we did in the week. -If we do food prep or not.

Never at the things or times where it really counts.

We always look at the external things rather than assess what is REALLY happening and why we continue to go backwards.

Each time you quit or put it all to the side. Each time winter hits. Every time work gets busy. Every time you decide to go into the day unprepared. Every time you stop because of low motivation levels. Every time you decide to shift the blame instead of being self-aware. This is where it counts.

D x

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