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Last year was massive for most people I know.

From grief, loss & sadness, experiencing poor health & the lowest of lows to being challenged with massive decisions needing to be made.

When I think about 2019 and how hard it was, I think about the growth, lessons and new skills that came with each experience and what it means for 2020, for both myself and my community.

I think about what needs to be worked on, where focus should be placed with a new year commencing, what failure has taught us, how results should be measured.... then breaking the year into phases accordingly.

What I’m also thinking about today is WHY LAST YEAR WORKED FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ACHIEVED A BIG GOAL...

1️. They surrounded themselves with the right people. 2. They practiced positive self-talk or seeked out ways to learn how to. 3. They were vulnerable and honest + they focussed on consistency rather than perfection. 4. They looked at mistakes as a learning curve and focussed on education + taking action. 5. They were accountable to their goal.

Whether it be improving your body composition, creating/fixing/working on relationships, completing or commencing studies or just wanting to take action on things you’ve been putting off - these 5x points can be of value and a lesson to us all.

•There will never be a perfect year. •We’ll always be busy. •Things will always go ‘wrong’ •With each year comes, we take on more responsibility and stress.

But we owe it to ourselves to learn to be bigger than anything thrown our way, continue to chip away and give ourselves the best chance of success by looking at how we can encourage it to happen.

Rather than giving up & putting it into the ‘too hard’ basket.

Happy Tuesday Guys! Hope this inspires you!

I’ve got point #1 absolutely nailed this year 💕 #lovemycommunity

Dannii x

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